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Amanda F. Tompkins

About Amanda


Amanda F. Tompkins has distinguished herself as a leading expert in the purchase of residential and commercial properties. She is renowned among her colleagues for her integrity, tenacity, and professionalism. As a trusted real estate professional for her clients, she understands that selling and/or buying real estate is complex and deeply personal. This perspective on the process and the responsibility felt towards her clients drives her to truly be an expert at the job. She understands the market, the players, and all the variables involved in a real estate transaction. Amanda is committed to listening to her clients’ needs and utilizing her keen negotiation skills to ensure a successful transaction. She wants to make sure you feel supported and that you have a trusted advisor by your side.
Amanda entered into the business of real estate during the time she purchased her first investment property in 2016. Since then, she has fallen in love with the business. She works hard to keep ahead of the curve, combining marketing techniques, technology, and forward-thinking. She is a member of the Chicago Association of REALTORS® and is a 2020 fellow of the highly competitive Project Real Estate Associate Program (REAP). This program, delivered in collaboration with ULI (the Urban Land Institute), is the industry’s leading effort to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in commercial real estate.
Amanda enjoys the ocean, traveling the world, and of course - real estate. Part of her love for Chicago has come from biking and doing yoga along the LakeFront Trail. She is dedicated to community service and is involved with several non-profit organizations throughout Chicago. 


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