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David L. Thomas, "Blue Door Dave"
Founder and Managing Broker



About David

Growing up within the inner city was not always easy. My parents, who have been married for over 40 years, taught me some core values to begin my life journey. They taught me the importance of integrity, values, compassion, work ethic, & persistence. They taught me the value of an education. They put me in catholic grammar school at St. Margaret of Scotland starting in kindergarten and many of these principles learned at home were reinforced almost instantly.


I later attended Leo High School, which was another catholic school on the south side of Chicago, and began to excel because of the foundation that was put in place at an early age. I had a passion for sports and as a Captain & tri-athlete; I ended up leading our basketball team downstate & our track team to an IHSA championship during my senior year. I always kept a busy schedule. I was captain of 3 sports, President of the Student body, Valedictorian, & worked to pay for the education I was receiving. These efforts lead to many athletic as well as academic scholarships.


 Fortunately, I was offered a full academic scholarship as an Evans Scholar to U of I Champaign-Urbana and studied Finance within the school of Commerce & Business. While at school I did an internship with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network & was featured in the USA Today for the amount of success that I had as a college intern doing Financial Planning. I think at that moment I realized what my passion was, Financial Planning along with Real Estate Investing. 


After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Finance I knew at some point I would return to Financial Planning & Real Estate. In 2001, as I was graduating from University of Illinois I purchased my first investment property in South Shore. Over the course of 4 years from 2001, to 2005 we acquired and managed a total of 4 properties. As you know, the recession started to hit in 2008 and we managed to sell two properties and managed the remaining two properties through the Real Estate downturn. 


In 2013, I decided to become a Licensed Real Estate Broker. In 2014, I decided to invest more into real estate and purchased a multifamily to hold and single family as a flip. Since 2014, I’ve helped over 30 properties and amassed a portfolio of over 50 units and 10 Million in real estate. I currently manage 50 plus units and we are currently expanding. 


As a Licensed Real Estate Managing Broker, I have personally averaged over $10million in Real Estate Sales and ran an office that has averaged $50 Million in annual Real Estate Sales. In December of 2018, I acquired my managing broker license, and now, I have opened my own Real Estate Brokerage Firm that will allow me to grow our sales volume and continue to focus on developing Real Estate Brokers. Commercial Real Estate will continue to be a cornerstone for the foundation of Real Estate ownership for myself and our Real Estate Sales Team. Over the next 5 years, we intend to expand to owning over 200 units and over $25 million in Real Estate Holdings. As Managing Broker of Blue Door Dave. I want to focus on helping Brokers, Owners & Investors sell, buy, lease and develop real estate the way they envision it. Our love and passion for Real Estate is what has allowed us to be successful. Our integrity is what has allowed us to grow!!!

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