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Sparkle Wilson

About Sparkle


If we could have the perfect realtor to walk into our thoughts and mimic the exact home, interior design, and outside landscaping, our time of spending weeks or even months looking for the perfect home would be slim to none. Not only will your experience be nothing short of amazing, but your time spent on meet-up locations only to see yet another home or apartment that does not match your personality would be few and far between. Sparkle's goal is to minimize as much time as possible of being away from what’s most important, and that’s family. House hunting can become an overbearing burden whereas my commitment is geared to being burden-free with less hassle. 


Let’s meet Sparkle Wilson, Licensed Illinois Realtor, Licensed Community and Property Manager, Mother of two, and now a potential business partner for the duration of this amazing journey. Even though business principles are a high regard and fit well with the dynamics of this expedition, Sparkle has a valuable reputation to view her clients as family and not just a consumer in a Rolodex. Sparkle's central goal is to align her client’s visionary lifestyle and create a surreal illusion the moment their clients open the door to their new home. 


Sparkle began this journey in 1998 as a property administrator for a highly prestigious law firm in the Real Estate department. In 2008, Sparkle obtained her broker's license in hopes to help those that could not immediately become homeowners but wanted to rent homes and/or apartments in decent areas that were fully rehabbed. Not only was it Sparkle’s desire to help others, but ultimately assist in serving as a property manager for owners and investors locally and nationally. Sparkle's property management is designed to endure the hassles from proprietors and the day-to-day supervision of maintenance upkeep of their properties, fulfilling work orders, collecting monthly rent, and 24-hour emergency property care. Her goal is to treat every property as if she personally owned it herself and to ensure investors obtain the best return on their assets. In Sparkle’s spare time, she enjoys the fruits of her labor by spending time with her kids. Sparkle enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family: cooking, listening to music, watching movies, riding bikes, and meeting up with friends. 


Sparkle Wilson is your preferred Realtor and Property Manager, Luxury living at its best. Your home, your life, let’s live. 

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